A 14043 x 9933px digital canvas is used to illustrate and render all of our automotive artworks
This equates to a 14k resolution image in a digital format.

With the image below, this equates to a physical size of over 2.5 metres long. nearly 1/2 scale of the real vehicle.

    They are not vectors traced from a small image and re proportioned, but a highly detailed raster based
image of photographic quality, to see exactly how your vehicle will look, or an exact representation of your existing vehicle. 

Rendering at this scale allows us to add as much detail as you like, all the way down to the tiny lettering on your tyres, if you want to go that far. 

**asking for smaller renders will not make it cheaper, you can print them any size you like**

Please download the image below to view correctly - the image is too large for google viewer.
Smart phones will struggle viewing something this large, so best viewed on a computer.

buick demosml.jpg


We supply files only in any format needed, but TIFF for print files by default.
Also smaller net friendly versions in PNG or JPG formats.

Print size outputs are specifically up to you. from A4 all the way upto 2.5 metre garage banners.

Our pricing is not strictly charged by the hour, but depending on the car and the details, there is no "one size fits all" option. Therefore we are quote based with our pricing.

Bare minimum pricing is no less than $200 USD

All our imaging is rendered at 14K digital resolution, 
(asking for smaller imaging will not make it cheaper). They can be printed as small as you like, up to 2.5 metre wide garage banners in HD.

** Multi View project intent imaging
** Side View project intent imaging
** Multi View Imaging with Livery design
** Existing or past car side profile fine art.

**Due to obligations with custom car shops we can not always offer multi view intent renders 

Vague emails and messages will be ignored.

Contact via
Facebook - Axesent Creations
Skype - Axesent

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