Private Commissions

Our pricing is not strictly charged by the hour, but time is factored in, depending on the car and the details.

There is no "one price fits all" so please don't be vague by simply just asking "how much?"
Some Cars can take 8-9 hours, others can take upto 13 hours.

If you want an exact quote, send photos (doesn't have to be side profile, we just need to know colour / wheels/ trim/ details/ stance etc.)
If it's a project intent, just tell us the details of what you want, and your ideas on the build.

As a guide, in general a side profile render is around $250 USD ** Files only, we do not print.
For Project intent renders, multiple amendments / versions incur additional cost.

Billing in other currencies will be done at the current exchange rate at the time of billing. 

The renders are illustrated and then rendered on a 14k resolution canvas. 14043 x 9933 Px - 300DPI - Best suited for A1 -A0 size print formats.
and can be printed on 2.5 metre wide banners at 150 DPI.

Due to commercial commitments, we apologise that we can not always offer our services to
every quote application.

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Licensing ,Commercial, Multi view intent renders and Livery Design - Please contact