Axesent - Kansei Gazou Studios.

  I'm Benny Maxwell, a Japan based Australian auto artist and consultant with a background in Automotive mechanical and graphic design. Born in the late 1970s, I grew up in a busy workshop environment during the unforgettable 1980s.
  My father began his Mechanical Apprenticeship in 1952, and later, My brother, who is 10 years older than myself was always in my fathers workshop tinkering with cars, so I was naturally drawn to anything with wheels as a kid in the 80s. 
Cars have been a huge part if my life, ever since I can remember. I have worked as a mechanic in mid 90s Australia and more recently in Japan for "Modify" In Asaka-shi, Saitama. In recent years I have decided to focus 100% on custom design and consultancy. 

Building a great custom car or planing your racing livery is best started with an intent render.
For any genre of the thriving custom community, we have the aptitude and competency to collaborate, assist and create
visuals and build plans. We work closely with you and/or custom shops to offer realistic visuals, no matter how customised your intent. Check out our services page for more info. 

See it before you build it! 


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